Sunday, August 29, 2010


Hi amigos,
  hey guys are you crazy about things well crazy craze in the sense craze for actors!!!!! wow !!! don't
you guys think some actors are super handsome!!!  here are some of my favorite actors!!!

if we are talking about actors then first place is for my dream man Hrithik roshan   !!! wow he looks superb handsome!!! but my bad luck he is married!!! :(.....

Don't you guys think johnny depp is so cool with killer eyes!!!

Niel nitin mukesh our young and new bollywood actor he is also sooooo kool with his pale white skin and killer eyes!!!!!

Will smith wow he is kool as always ... wow!!!! dynamic actor!!!

Shahid kapoor is also so cute!!!sweet lover boy!!!

before you all got me wrong guys just wanna say that these are handsome actors
 !!! for whom fans can go crazy!!!!
so whose your favorite actor for whom you can go crazy for !!! lolzzz... guys i'll be back with beautiful actresses in part 2!!!! cya.....


beanizer_05 said...

i'm still the hottest!!!
even johnny and will bowed before me!!

sudhi said...

i guess fatty pot u misspelled u r the fattest nt hottest !!! :P...