Friday, December 31, 2010


Hi friends ,
      Wish you all a prosperous new year . Sorry guys you people might be thinking why is this girl not replying form longtime but my only answer is I have been very busy lately . Due to this cold winter god!!! my health went bad many times. blah blah.....I should talk this stuff ,no forgiveness for betrayal i know it.
  Atlast  I have entered the most scariest, toughest and coolest year of my life  about which i dreamt a lot. But now that I'm in it wish me luck folks!!! 

            May this year bring you all happiness and make the world know your virtue . 
May you and your family blessed with utmost happiness ,
may you all be in pink in health,
may cherry blossoms raise in your life!!!!
  1. Ms.sie (always keep on smiling , remember happiness always stays with good people but the only thing is that never loose hope , never forget that i'll always be there for you Ate sie.)
  2. Suraj (take your studies little serious and don't be over confident Mr. future Steve Jobs :D)
  3. Beany (always be this cutie pie who stays in his neverland , never come out from it fatty pot)
  4. Nanz( Always be like this sweet and perfect)
  5. Ms.jolly (always be this caring and funny lady that you are , i will never leave reading your blog !! )
  6. Bella (Never stop searching for your Edward bells).
  7. Delightfulness ( please publish your love stories future writer)
Soon there will be a departure ,I'll tell you people about it in some fine day but not today and thanks for the friendship I mean i never had such life after coming to college but gladfully  in 2010 I have met some wonderful people around the globe!!!! 

(beany this  is for u for being chweetest, cutest and fattest )

(Ms.sie this is for you a hope to move on)

( Always dare in difficult paths of your life suraj)
(Nanz and Delightfulness never stop reading and writing stories)
(My favorite Ferrero Rocher chocolates for Ms.Jolly and Bella for being too sweet)
 Last but not last ,
Happy new year guys!!!! 

Monday, December 13, 2010


It was like yesterday when my daddy was taking me to school . It was like yesterday going out with him to icecream shop. I was the cutest sweetest adorable child in family but now psst i got many   younger cousins and i even became a aunt (gulp!) . How strange they were little kids until yesterday but they are growing up. My doggie was a little puppy until yesterday but 5 years passed away like a swift .
    I'm no more a candy baby , I became lot matured and independent . My friends who were tomboys now became shy girls lol!!! .

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Recently we had our new house opening and a family reunion for that function .  My dad are 7 siblings (3 girls and 4boys) . 5 of them showed up my other 2 uncles didn't make up as they were busy.  In my family girl child are especially invited because they'll always have share in father or brothers property.  when my aunts come the (younger 2) they are adored even more than me... hmp!!! lol
 My grandma (paternal)  asked to read the fat novel lying on my study table when i did it she can't stop praising me and all my cousins laughed , she did it again when i was with my laptop and all laughed again :( , she did it again in many situations and i didn't get why all my cousins laughed every time..
           (I'm the one who is not in saree and little fairer than all of them)...
Well in a house opening among we hindu's all girl childes of family should cook first and  we have to eat sitting on floor and on banana  leaves. that is when i dropped my expensive camera in sambar  while serving food to my uncles and aunts lol luckily nothing happened to it but my eldest aunt told it to every one including my mom who scolded me for being careless :( (sob sob nevermind) ... It was my silly fault..
                                                     (havan which is lighted in a house opening)
After the pooja my dad gifted my aunts nice sarees and beautiful emotional moment . The pandhit was also given clothes and while he was leaving he said you have to call me when you are giving your daughter's hand addressing me and i looked at him with my killer eyes and my mom said that it may be after 3-4years and thats the reason i spared his life but after that my aunts started discussing this matter making me sad :(. Thats the only part i hated psst nevermind.