Tuesday, May 24, 2011


When i was a kid two phrases used to fascinate me,
  • We never know what comes infront of us.
  • What may come life goes on........

I'm sad today not because I'm weak but because when i feel to do something i can't do it  because of sacrifice.
Ahh... God should know why he gives every headache to me, i know when we are subjected to problems that means we can face them but if we are continuously irritated because of problems.................... no solution. 

I rarely get irritation i live in peace in any big problem but now i don't have any problem but I'm forced to indulge in others problems. 

Many call me and say that they are having problems 
but never any one  ask me "sudhi are you having any problem?"
   My sadness, I have to face it alone but my happiness every one will share.

Life is very different than we imagine , ahh I'm fed up with selfish & sadist people around me. But my fate I can't get rid of them.

Whatever may come I  will stand beside my family ,