Sunday, September 11, 2011

~Love everyday~

Hello Friends !!! I guess I haven't been writing posts since long time, well sorry for the delay . Actually it took all these days for me to recharge my net .

 Every day just passes so quickly , have you ever imagined guys what would happen if time stops , lol its kinda crazy but its just me with all these crazy thoughts .
I'm always like a strange mutant in my family  , I don't know why I think so but as a result I was the favorite students of all my teachers till date.  I had many questions in mind with no answers.  But I'm fine with my life till date yet others have problem with me , I never disturb them but they want me to be like them , Isn't it weird!!!
I'm very simple girl  , Every day I just keep myself  busy in things but am I missing anything guys??? I just don't know but I feel sometimes so. Mainly when I don't have any books to read.

I'm happy with my life but I'm just surprised to see my friends talking about future having their own family....... I guess I'm still a kid and probably young for thinking so , I never thought about such things in my life till now may be because I find them more scary . That is the reason why most  of my friends find me weird. But guys when we are living in this beautiful world with wonderful miracles why should we think about Marriage , love  partner etc etc , when we even don't know we live tomorrow or not , I mean there is no guarantee for the life . Why to waste the given life thinking about the future which may happen or may not happen.So live the present and live happy.....

~Silly thoughts of sudhi~