Friday, January 14, 2011


Yesterday ,my dad called me and said " sudhi , don't you think you are missing some thing ?" , I looked at him with question mark face , he pointed at a photo in which I'm smiling. He was right i really forgot my smile these day. But because of what ,I'm probably unable to conclude .

I was likely 5 yrs old when I told my mom that I imagine many things . She told me that when ever I imagine things ,I should preserve them by painting or sketching them in paper. It was difficult at first but now it became damn easy , but now that I'm sad whatever I sketch or paint turned out to be sad or gloomy.

(a women sailing on boat thinking of something)

(a fantasy)

(Im right there sitting sadly on a flower and that fairy is trying to make me laugh)
(a fairy on a swan, thinking something)

(thats me ,again thinking something)
(This is me again thinking something)


(I donno what mad me draw these three ) 
These are all my imaginations , i swear i never copy other person paintings or sketches . But in each and every sketch, people thinking of something or sad , but I still cant get what is making me sad.

Some people may think I'm mad but it is true. There is some missing part I'm not getting through!!!  

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Bye friends I'll not be in bloggers from now until few months !!!! 

Can't say anything but just that I'm leaving......