Sunday, October 2, 2011


I never understand most of the  people. I always wonder how can some people be so cruel.

People think 5minutes to buy a  5rupee polythene bag but never thing  even for 5 seconds while committing sin . After doing all evil people just realize they don't want to be parents and the kids grow up thinking its their mistake . Most of them dump newly born babies on road side  trash cans or drainage canals. Most of them are the results of evil done by their teenage parents. 

I read daily in news paper either many toddlers are dumped or sold. Most of them are killed  . I don't really understand why people don't even think even for 5seconds before committing sin , Why don't they understand they are holding a little heart which beats , which can senses the surroundings........ 

Once my friends and me were going out , there was a kid who came near to us started begging , we see lot of such street kids in India , I took the kids into my arms I told him not to beg even I don't want to give money I feel uncontrollable in such situations. After that my friends were like " sudhi go wash your hands you touched that kid" they stood looking at me weirdly . I just wondered will they leave their own kids if they are dirty . I don't understand why people think so.

I don't understand why some people  even tend to waste their money for unnecessary things but never  think of giving little of it to needy. Most  like to waste food but never think of giving  it  to needy.

I don't understand why many people waste too much money for birthdays etc etc but don't even think of spending that money for good work. 

Real happiness don't lie with in oneself , I'm blessed to have my parents who thought me good moral values .....
~Still in journey to know about the life~