Monday, June 24, 2013

LiFe@ ThEn AnD NoW

Hi friends,
Well it's been long time isn't??? You know guys recently I was in the kitchen , cooking and suddenly something got stuck in my mind, I thought to myself  "look at you!!! you are actually cooking??!!!! LOL yes it's really amazing to see me like this because likely 5-6years back when I was in school I was a geeky looking gal who was extremely thin wearing glasses that had a awful frame whose hair was never cut properly and with a monster eyebrows yet I used to have a lot of self appeal . I was good student with good grades who believed that she was born to rule and household works like cooking etc were ment  for homemakers and servants ....hahahahaha....

Seriously friends everything changed , everyone changed . My friends, navya who was a big tomboy with short hair is now a beautiful young lady, pinky who was a big coward now studying in abroad , chandu who always depended on her mom dad for everything is now living all alone in china,My bro who was 5'4 then is 6'2 now , my doggie is getting old now :'( , my dad crossed 50 , my first blog is already 3years old and I'm no more a teen.......... 

I stay in hostel away from home , I have to travel in local buses for 5hours to reach home , I don't get much time to look at myself in mirror,every morning I curse my university life and food in mess...  But still I'm happy because I changed from the stubborn gal who never even wanted to try simple things in life like getting eye brows done or turning on the stove inorder not to get hurt to a considerably brave gal who see's dead, half burnt, severely wounded people in her every day life , who pricks her hand to take her own blood for lab tests yet not scared of her life and think of en lighting others life ....

I have no regrets in my journey so far friends it is even though I met many bad people, difficult situations and tears that floated but still thanks because the experiences I had became fine morals  for my future.

Well that is it for today friends, I don't know when I will be posting my next post but till then happy journey.....!!!! :D :D 

Sunday, May 19, 2013


Hello friends,
It's been more than 6months since I last updated my blog isn't it??? well I have been busy I mean very busy in adapting new life that I forgot my old life , my thoughts and my interests....
What should I say about my new life , ummm..... should I say about how often people made me cry or should I say about how often I felt deserted or should I say about cross cultural effect which I have seen or about the drastic changes that love can bring in anyone's life , this love which made me travel like 10hours just to spend one day with my family.

 I was wrong about many things and hopefully i realized............ (a quite puzzled post isn't it??? )