Tuesday, July 5, 2011

~Unusual side of me~

Everyone have a unusual side so as me. 

I'm  very Expressive person , I can't hide sadness , happiness, tension , anger . If anyone see my face they can easily tell my mood. I can't pretend and I can't lie looking straightly at anyone . I have patience filled all over my mind , I remember one incident , my friend was continuously  irritating me oneday and I told her to do the same thing with another person so she started irritating another girl beside her and that girl slapped my friend and she was like " omg! sudhi  you really got extraordinary patience". I don't think I have extraordinary patience but I think I have patience and I usually don't get angry on any one  if do get it then that person should be a extraordinary one....

I'm very caring and I get attached to things easily (mainly animals) , I don't trust anyone quickly  but if do and they break my trust then that scene will be worst than dooms day .  

I love kids very much thinking about those cute little sweethearts give me pleasure .
I'm very organised person , I have a pre-planned day , I know its kinda boring but I feel pleasure in it.  

Anyone could easily know about me because I'm very expressive but I feel  damn hard to understand anyone else.

I'm not  a coward  but I cant see any creature in agony and pain.  I still remember when my dog was 2months old puppy it jumped from the bed and  hurt his ear , he was bleeding , I was literally shouting and crying "call the ambulance, call the ambulance"  my mum took my doggie and did first aid . I can't even bare seeing  if anyone cry  just because needle stuck to them. 

I'm not girly at all. I'm very simple and straight forward , I hate shopping i.e shopping of clothes and jewelry because it takes lot of time, I  like cooking my mom says I'm very good cook . I'm a bookworm. I stick to books in such a way that even a earthquake comes I can't realize. I have a huge collection of novels ,poetry , story books, autobiographies etc etc. There are too many of them that they are not even enough in my bookshelves .

I like sketching, writing stories , lyrics and public speaking .   

My recent sketches.....

 As I was bought up telling about the importance of relationships , I don't believe that some special person is created for us but I believe that everyone are destined with someone in life, no need to search  for that person because someday destiny will bring them infront  us  ..