Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Hi friends ,
  oops i guess I'm posting after many days , well sorry for the delay because I was damn busy due to exams so unable to post . But now I'm back and this is my new post after many days....
10extremities, you people might be thinking what could be these 10 extremities , well these are the 10 things which  I cant give up at any costs .............. :D Let me start from 10.

10. Hrithik Roshan 
Hrithik Roshan is our bollywood superstar he is my dream man, he is the only actor I guess whose films i have seen without leaving any. But he is married thats the saddest part of this . But hrithik is at 10th position.    

9.Shin chan 
I can't tell how special shin chan is to me , when ever im sad if any one take his name i burst laughing thinking about this sensitive kid.

8.Novels and biographies 
Novels&biographies are irresistible because i stick to them  like a book worm . I donno know why , but i love to read them.

7.kids smile 
I just love when kids smile, they look like most valuable creatures on earth.

I'm a big fan of chocolates especially ferrero rocher , cadbury dairy milk roasted almonds and diary milk fruit and nut . I can live without water but cant live without chocolates .

5. people who make me smile 
I think in world there are only in some people who can make me smile heartfully, and they are gods gift because only some can make us laugh through heart reducing our troubles.

4.Rainy day and animals
I love rainy days and animals , they make me feel free from all tensions .

3.Funky friends
I extremely like people who care for me and share sadness or happiness with me  i.e my friends.     

2. Anonymous
This portion is not yet filled still empty.

My family stands first to me at all costs ,i love them extremely no one can take their position .......

Well guys these are my 10 extremities :D!!