Sunday, October 2, 2011


I never understand most of the  people. I always wonder how can some people be so cruel.

People think 5minutes to buy a  5rupee polythene bag but never thing  even for 5 seconds while committing sin . After doing all evil people just realize they don't want to be parents and the kids grow up thinking its their mistake . Most of them dump newly born babies on road side  trash cans or drainage canals. Most of them are the results of evil done by their teenage parents. 

I read daily in news paper either many toddlers are dumped or sold. Most of them are killed  . I don't really understand why people don't even think even for 5seconds before committing sin , Why don't they understand they are holding a little heart which beats , which can senses the surroundings........ 

Once my friends and me were going out , there was a kid who came near to us started begging , we see lot of such street kids in India , I took the kids into my arms I told him not to beg even I don't want to give money I feel uncontrollable in such situations. After that my friends were like " sudhi go wash your hands you touched that kid" they stood looking at me weirdly . I just wondered will they leave their own kids if they are dirty . I don't understand why people think so.

I don't understand why some people  even tend to waste their money for unnecessary things but never  think of giving little of it to needy. Most  like to waste food but never think of giving  it  to needy.

I don't understand why many people waste too much money for birthdays etc etc but don't even think of spending that money for good work. 

Real happiness don't lie with in oneself , I'm blessed to have my parents who thought me good moral values .....
~Still in journey to know about the life~

Sunday, September 11, 2011

~Love everyday~

Hello Friends !!! I guess I haven't been writing posts since long time, well sorry for the delay . Actually it took all these days for me to recharge my net .

 Every day just passes so quickly , have you ever imagined guys what would happen if time stops , lol its kinda crazy but its just me with all these crazy thoughts .
I'm always like a strange mutant in my family  , I don't know why I think so but as a result I was the favorite students of all my teachers till date.  I had many questions in mind with no answers.  But I'm fine with my life till date yet others have problem with me , I never disturb them but they want me to be like them , Isn't it weird!!!
I'm very simple girl  , Every day I just keep myself  busy in things but am I missing anything guys??? I just don't know but I feel sometimes so. Mainly when I don't have any books to read.

I'm happy with my life but I'm just surprised to see my friends talking about future having their own family....... I guess I'm still a kid and probably young for thinking so , I never thought about such things in my life till now may be because I find them more scary . That is the reason why most  of my friends find me weird. But guys when we are living in this beautiful world with wonderful miracles why should we think about Marriage , love  partner etc etc , when we even don't know we live tomorrow or not , I mean there is no guarantee for the life . Why to waste the given life thinking about the future which may happen or may not happen.So live the present and live happy.....

~Silly thoughts of sudhi~

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

~Unusual side of me~

Everyone have a unusual side so as me. 

I'm  very Expressive person , I can't hide sadness , happiness, tension , anger . If anyone see my face they can easily tell my mood. I can't pretend and I can't lie looking straightly at anyone . I have patience filled all over my mind , I remember one incident , my friend was continuously  irritating me oneday and I told her to do the same thing with another person so she started irritating another girl beside her and that girl slapped my friend and she was like " omg! sudhi  you really got extraordinary patience". I don't think I have extraordinary patience but I think I have patience and I usually don't get angry on any one  if do get it then that person should be a extraordinary one....

I'm very caring and I get attached to things easily (mainly animals) , I don't trust anyone quickly  but if do and they break my trust then that scene will be worst than dooms day .  

I love kids very much thinking about those cute little sweethearts give me pleasure .
I'm very organised person , I have a pre-planned day , I know its kinda boring but I feel pleasure in it.  

Anyone could easily know about me because I'm very expressive but I feel  damn hard to understand anyone else.

I'm not  a coward  but I cant see any creature in agony and pain.  I still remember when my dog was 2months old puppy it jumped from the bed and  hurt his ear , he was bleeding , I was literally shouting and crying "call the ambulance, call the ambulance"  my mum took my doggie and did first aid . I can't even bare seeing  if anyone cry  just because needle stuck to them. 

I'm not girly at all. I'm very simple and straight forward , I hate shopping i.e shopping of clothes and jewelry because it takes lot of time, I  like cooking my mom says I'm very good cook . I'm a bookworm. I stick to books in such a way that even a earthquake comes I can't realize. I have a huge collection of novels ,poetry , story books, autobiographies etc etc. There are too many of them that they are not even enough in my bookshelves .

I like sketching, writing stories , lyrics and public speaking .   

My recent sketches.....

 As I was bought up telling about the importance of relationships , I don't believe that some special person is created for us but I believe that everyone are destined with someone in life, no need to search  for that person because someday destiny will bring them infront  us  ..

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Sometimes I find world more beautiful than it really is
Sometimes I see strangers helping each other like group of ants .
Sometimes I see kids acting more mature than their age.
Sometimes happiness gather like bundle of colorful lights.
Sometimes even a strangers make us feel like their own .

Isn't  it the world is more crazy than we think???
or is it the way i see it.            

Sometimes we  find people who change our lives with mere coincidence                                         
Sometimes sacrifices for our beloved gives happiness
Sometimes silly mistakes make us smile 
sometimes even darkness won't scare us

Isn't wonderful no matter what happen life always shows us directions
Isn't it amazing that without  realizing we become something
No one ever teaches us how to live&love but we learn them in our own style,surprising!!!!

In this crazy world I'm a crazy wanderer
wandering for love ,life and freedom


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Toy story

Last night I was seeing toy story 3 ,it reminded me about all those barbie dolls i used to have . I used to have a serious  barbie phobia when i was kid. I used to have likely 20 barbie dolls with a barbie house set , barbie car , barbie bicycle , 30 dresses and accessories .  

I still remember the incident when i got my first barbie it was a Christmas eve, we are Hindus so  no Christmas for us but on that day my dad bought gifts for us kept them in our room and morning  when i woke up ..... Presents wrapped in pink cover . When i unwrapped my present ahh .... I got  My first barbie . LOl as i was a kid at that time i thought Santa clause bought me those .

But when i was in 7th , i used to play more pc games & left playing with dolls. my last but third youngest cousin took who  was  found of barbies  took them and till date she is taking care of them . I wish i had taken a picture of them .

We grow up soon, we never realize that , but every time i see kids playing with toys i find it beautiful.  

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


When i was a kid two phrases used to fascinate me,
  • We never know what comes infront of us.
  • What may come life goes on........

I'm sad today not because I'm weak but because when i feel to do something i can't do it  because of sacrifice.
Ahh... God should know why he gives every headache to me, i know when we are subjected to problems that means we can face them but if we are continuously irritated because of problems.................... no solution. 

I rarely get irritation i live in peace in any big problem but now i don't have any problem but I'm forced to indulge in others problems. 

Many call me and say that they are having problems 
but never any one  ask me "sudhi are you having any problem?"
   My sadness, I have to face it alone but my happiness every one will share.

Life is very different than we imagine , ahh I'm fed up with selfish & sadist people around me. But my fate I can't get rid of them.

Whatever may come I  will stand beside my family ,

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Hi friends ,
  oops i guess I'm posting after many days , well sorry for the delay because I was damn busy due to exams so unable to post . But now I'm back and this is my new post after many days....
10extremities, you people might be thinking what could be these 10 extremities , well these are the 10 things which  I cant give up at any costs .............. :D Let me start from 10.

10. Hrithik Roshan 
Hrithik Roshan is our bollywood superstar he is my dream man, he is the only actor I guess whose films i have seen without leaving any. But he is married thats the saddest part of this . But hrithik is at 10th position.    

9.Shin chan 
I can't tell how special shin chan is to me , when ever im sad if any one take his name i burst laughing thinking about this sensitive kid.

8.Novels and biographies 
Novels&biographies are irresistible because i stick to them  like a book worm . I donno know why , but i love to read them. smile 
I just love when kids smile, they look like most valuable creatures on earth.

I'm a big fan of chocolates especially ferrero rocher , cadbury dairy milk roasted almonds and diary milk fruit and nut . I can live without water but cant live without chocolates .

5. people who make me smile 
I think in world there are only in some people who can make me smile heartfully, and they are gods gift because only some can make us laugh through heart reducing our troubles.

4.Rainy day and animals
I love rainy days and animals , they make me feel free from all tensions .

3.Funky friends
I extremely like people who care for me and share sadness or happiness with me  i.e my friends.     

2. Anonymous
This portion is not yet filled still empty.

My family stands first to me at all costs ,i love them extremely no one can take their position .......

Well guys these are my 10 extremities :D!!   

Friday, January 14, 2011


Yesterday ,my dad called me and said " sudhi , don't you think you are missing some thing ?" , I looked at him with question mark face , he pointed at a photo in which I'm smiling. He was right i really forgot my smile these day. But because of what ,I'm probably unable to conclude .

I was likely 5 yrs old when I told my mom that I imagine many things . She told me that when ever I imagine things ,I should preserve them by painting or sketching them in paper. It was difficult at first but now it became damn easy , but now that I'm sad whatever I sketch or paint turned out to be sad or gloomy.

(a women sailing on boat thinking of something)

(a fantasy)

(Im right there sitting sadly on a flower and that fairy is trying to make me laugh)
(a fairy on a swan, thinking something)

(thats me ,again thinking something)
(This is me again thinking something)


(I donno what mad me draw these three ) 
These are all my imaginations , i swear i never copy other person paintings or sketches . But in each and every sketch, people thinking of something or sad , but I still cant get what is making me sad.

Some people may think I'm mad but it is true. There is some missing part I'm not getting through!!!  

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Bye friends I'll not be in bloggers from now until few months !!!! 

Can't say anything but just that I'm leaving......