Monday, August 16, 2010


Hi amigos,
   I'm back in thoughts!!! well just now im thinking me after 10years ...

well after 10years na i think i will probably married to a simple guy whose doing a simple job enjoying life and not concentrated on earning money!!! and i might be working as a professor in a university!!!!  i wish to have two daughters and probably spending time with them planting flowers in our small garden ,cooking cookies , telling them bed time stories!!!! wow it'll be cool!!!!

I also see myself as a social worker...i might be having 2dogs!!! they will grey hounds for sure!!!! i might become   a good cook and cook yummy dishes!!!!! i'll b a good daughter-in-law i wish so!!!!! i wish to be a good human being taking right steps!!!!!

well guys these are what i   imagine myself after 10years !!!! i wish some of them come true!!!!!!!!!!!!


beanizer_05 said...

hmmm... beanie can see himself after 10 years or less.. hmmmmmm...hmmmmm...still munching chocos..
i will have a lil beanie jr...and a lil ms beanie..then..then..we'll play and play and play..

sudhi said...

oh i see ur future!!!!