Sunday, August 29, 2010


Hi amigos,
  hey guys are you crazy about things well crazy craze in the sense craze for actors!!!!! wow !!! don't
you guys think some actors are super handsome!!!  here are some of my favorite actors!!!

if we are talking about actors then first place is for my dream man Hrithik roshan   !!! wow he looks superb handsome!!! but my bad luck he is married!!! :(.....

Don't you guys think johnny depp is so cool with killer eyes!!!

Niel nitin mukesh our young and new bollywood actor he is also sooooo kool with his pale white skin and killer eyes!!!!!

Will smith wow he is kool as always ... wow!!!! dynamic actor!!!

Shahid kapoor is also so cute!!!sweet lover boy!!!

before you all got me wrong guys just wanna say that these are handsome actors
 !!! for whom fans can go crazy!!!!
so whose your favorite actor for whom you can go crazy for !!! lolzzz... guys i'll be back with beautiful actresses in part 2!!!! cya.....

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Hi guys,
  Saw this terrible  sight again!!!!!!! i donno why i always got to see this sights very often!!!! 
Again saw a little kid begging , she came near me and i know that i must not have given her money but little poor child i couldn't stop myself!!! 
 i really dont understand why god is so cruel with some!!!  what was the mistake of that little kid .. why she was subjected to such cruel punishment that is hunger !!!!! why??? i'll never understand this!!!! 

these days very often i read about teens getting pregnant and dumping the babies into dustbins and drainage canals ...what wrong these kids did??? why    those kids are subjected to such harm punishment!!! 

i wish to bring all of them home with me but unfortunately i can't!!!! :(.......
why these little kids are pressured ???  can't we do anything for them???

but you know guys i still believe in one thing and that is hope!!! i still have hope that some day change will come and change should come...
and u know guys i'll fight until my wills and still hoping for change!!!!! 

Monday, August 16, 2010


Hi amigos,
   I'm back in thoughts!!! well just now im thinking me after 10years ...

well after 10years na i think i will probably married to a simple guy whose doing a simple job enjoying life and not concentrated on earning money!!! and i might be working as a professor in a university!!!!  i wish to have two daughters and probably spending time with them planting flowers in our small garden ,cooking cookies , telling them bed time stories!!!! wow it'll be cool!!!!

I also see myself as a social worker...i might be having 2dogs!!! they will grey hounds for sure!!!! i might become   a good cook and cook yummy dishes!!!!! i'll b a good daughter-in-law i wish so!!!!! i wish to be a good human being taking right steps!!!!!

well guys these are what i   imagine myself after 10years !!!! i wish some of them come true!!!!!!!!!!!!