Friday, December 31, 2010


Hi friends ,
      Wish you all a prosperous new year . Sorry guys you people might be thinking why is this girl not replying form longtime but my only answer is I have been very busy lately . Due to this cold winter god!!! my health went bad many times. blah blah.....I should talk this stuff ,no forgiveness for betrayal i know it.
  Atlast  I have entered the most scariest, toughest and coolest year of my life  about which i dreamt a lot. But now that I'm in it wish me luck folks!!! 

            May this year bring you all happiness and make the world know your virtue . 
May you and your family blessed with utmost happiness ,
may you all be in pink in health,
may cherry blossoms raise in your life!!!!
  1. Ms.sie (always keep on smiling , remember happiness always stays with good people but the only thing is that never loose hope , never forget that i'll always be there for you Ate sie.)
  2. Suraj (take your studies little serious and don't be over confident Mr. future Steve Jobs :D)
  3. Beany (always be this cutie pie who stays in his neverland , never come out from it fatty pot)
  4. Nanz( Always be like this sweet and perfect)
  5. Ms.jolly (always be this caring and funny lady that you are , i will never leave reading your blog !! )
  6. Bella (Never stop searching for your Edward bells).
  7. Delightfulness ( please publish your love stories future writer)
Soon there will be a departure ,I'll tell you people about it in some fine day but not today and thanks for the friendship I mean i never had such life after coming to college but gladfully  in 2010 I have met some wonderful people around the globe!!!! 

(beany this  is for u for being chweetest, cutest and fattest )

(Ms.sie this is for you a hope to move on)

( Always dare in difficult paths of your life suraj)
(Nanz and Delightfulness never stop reading and writing stories)
(My favorite Ferrero Rocher chocolates for Ms.Jolly and Bella for being too sweet)
 Last but not last ,
Happy new year guys!!!! 

Monday, December 13, 2010


It was like yesterday when my daddy was taking me to school . It was like yesterday going out with him to icecream shop. I was the cutest sweetest adorable child in family but now psst i got many   younger cousins and i even became a aunt (gulp!) . How strange they were little kids until yesterday but they are growing up. My doggie was a little puppy until yesterday but 5 years passed away like a swift .
    I'm no more a candy baby , I became lot matured and independent . My friends who were tomboys now became shy girls lol!!! .

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Recently we had our new house opening and a family reunion for that function .  My dad are 7 siblings (3 girls and 4boys) . 5 of them showed up my other 2 uncles didn't make up as they were busy.  In my family girl child are especially invited because they'll always have share in father or brothers property.  when my aunts come the (younger 2) they are adored even more than me... hmp!!! lol
 My grandma (paternal)  asked to read the fat novel lying on my study table when i did it she can't stop praising me and all my cousins laughed , she did it again when i was with my laptop and all laughed again :( , she did it again in many situations and i didn't get why all my cousins laughed every time..
           (I'm the one who is not in saree and little fairer than all of them)...
Well in a house opening among we hindu's all girl childes of family should cook first and  we have to eat sitting on floor and on banana  leaves. that is when i dropped my expensive camera in sambar  while serving food to my uncles and aunts lol luckily nothing happened to it but my eldest aunt told it to every one including my mom who scolded me for being careless :( (sob sob nevermind) ... It was my silly fault..
                                                     (havan which is lighted in a house opening)
After the pooja my dad gifted my aunts nice sarees and beautiful emotional moment . The pandhit was also given clothes and while he was leaving he said you have to call me when you are giving your daughter's hand addressing me and i looked at him with my killer eyes and my mom said that it may be after 3-4years and thats the reason i spared his life but after that my aunts started discussing this matter making me sad :(. Thats the only part i hated psst nevermind.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


sometimes I'm very weak and some times people can't stop me...


Bad thing is that we all are feeling grownups now , how silly we are grownups ...
ahh i noticed but i learned  many households things..


Friday, November 5, 2010


I was in upper kindergarten one day i bought blind pond snakes and scorpions to put them in my aquariums.  when my parents saw that their first word was "do you want us to clean aquarium for you??"  that was a really strange gesture but they  were really the most different parents . My mom and dad believe that there are no wild animals , they always told us that no animal will disturb until you disturb them. At my dad's mines quary   bears and cheetahs move around  freely but never ever anything hurt him.
you know guys i got know more about this mute love when i first bought my doggy home, it was 19day puppy then . It was really hard to take care of a little puppy. At My house for every one it was quite new .Gradually i was the one who moved forward started learning pet care. I started feeding it , bathing it, holding it and ofcorse loving it, you know guys dogs are always like children they are like a little children. When i used connect my feelings with it it was wonderful . more or less i always connected with it , i mean i aways understood what it felt. Its love  towards me was always warm. 
the love that animals give you i'm damn sure its 101% pure. May be our loved ones leave us at our bad times but our pet never does it. Even in a big terrorist the animal brings out the human.
my dog is not the only pet i have . I used have a turtle named trigger which i rescued from an eagle. Trigger was the beautiful turtle ever born ,it was a sea turtle. The way it used to see me and the way it used to kiss my nose i still remember .  There were great memories with it. But i always used to feel that trigger was am-bended in that little tub  and thats when i thought of leaving it  in the sea. My mom was sad when i told her but my dad understood and one fine day we left it in sea.

It was not only trigger , i had senotoff (blackfish) , neni and nemo (gold fishes). I loved senotoff sad god didn't gift him long life. I tamed  Chickens ,  I tamed to cats ( black and weight) and tadpoles .... yaa tadpoles there were more than 20 of them .. sad i had to leave them because they likely became 20 frogs and they were independent.

I always get surprised when people hate frogs and lizards ofcores i touched frogs and lizards million times and even cockroaches and i'm still alive . I see my friends who jump seeing these things . Like my mom says every living thing has a right to live , i believe it and i love frogs and lizards so much. 

Animals are wonderful creatures humans can be bad , humans may lie, humans may act but not animals they are always true from there heart .
Animals are always true with there MUTE LOVE . In future i really love to tame apes , tigers and horses lol lets see....   

Friday, October 29, 2010


We all were like  crazy  gang in school , after school every one went in different directions and no one are in same place but we talk to each other  in festivals and in holidays its quit strange because all of them changed , they changed a lot.  Once few were our crazy things but now for them they became idiotic   things,i don't know why all of them became mechanical in life .
These days many of them think that i have to think like a grownup. Well i donno but i guess they might be true ...
so , these are my new resolutions from this day , i mean not exactly this day but likely this next month.

I will not see shin chan on t.v .

(oh please don't look at me like that shin chan i know you are angry on me)

I will not read novels or comic books .
I will go near beaches (im scared of seas and fate i'm bought up in coastal area  with beautiful sea)

                                                            (uff seas are really scary )
From today i wont get scared of heights
I'll remember things...
I will eat potatoes( :( )

I won't play games in facebook.
I will not cry or get angry for silly things.
and etc etc
well we all make resolutions does that means do we have to follow them???
I mean I'm fine like this do i have to follow resolutions??? hehe i don't know .....
Let the future decide lol....

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


For childhood i dreamed a lot , i dreamed about  wonders , miracles, shortcuts for happiness, about a different world , world in the sense the world of my dreams where my aspirations are followed ...

I belong to a native  where female child are been killed when they are born or married when they are under aged but my luck i was bought up in cities like a normal child . My family people encouraged a lot for female education to their 3rd generation (us) . My mother was married at the age of 16 even she was the only daughter , all my aunts(dad's sis) where married between 15- 18years pretty misfortune. but there was lot encouragement for we people(all girls) in family to study but all these years i only saw my elder cousins quitting studies and marrying some rich man who is 10 or 11 years elder to them.. One of my elder  who recently quit her polytechnic studies in second year saying that she is not interested in studies .. my uncle pleaded her like anything but no use she don't wanna study or do anything else ....

But i'm unlike them i always dreamed high . I want to study very high . i want to be second person to get PhD in my family (first one is my dad) ..  But  all i wanted to do in my future is  establishing schools in rural areas and areas like my native village .. I just wanna teach primary kids .. I know with my degree i can earn lot of money i don't want to. i'll earn lot of money but can i ensure my happiness after that??? no i can't...

I never keep top secrets from my parents  so i told them about my dreams and... my dad gave a weirdo smile  and my mom was like shocked  she said " what all you wanted to wanna be is teacher  with big degree and you want to do some unnecessary things?? " .. they thought studying long made me so.. From then few bad days my library card was taken  a strict warning that i should not read novels and autobiographies and all started giving me lectures lolzz . It is not a unusual dream but place i belonged to for them it is quite unusual  hehe... After  2years and 3months i started buying books and reading books again :D.... 
I'm from south of Indian and i belong to a place where people (women) hardly know about blogs and i write blogs(i like writing ) even my blogs are bad no doubt it is a big achievement of me... 
All these years i never stopped dreaming, dreaming about my own world which i want to establish and i know i will do it and i can do it.....
My friends the  crazy idiotic people who are always around me are my main encouragement ..
  • so many hands in one chips packet...
  • so many idiots in one bench..
  • so many calls on one birthday night ..
  • so many laughs for one silly joke..
  • so many tears for one little fight ..
  • so many smiles for one victory ..
  • friends the best part in life..
  • especially MY FRIENDS.
  • (navy , hams, div,lavu,chaitu, pinky,  sus ,chandu, sai , josh, zullu , appala )...... My dearest friends  from school and college!!!! may long live you guys!!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

ROBO (a must watch movie)

Robo is the biggest budget movie ever made in history of indian cinema . It is a science friction been dubbed in three languages tamil , telugu and hindi . It stars india's biggest superstar rajinikanth and beautiful actress of the indian films Aishwarya Rai . Music was given by oscar winner A.R.rahman ..

plots revolves like this...
 professor vaseegaran(Rajini) creates a human android robot which resembles him . He names it chitti . sana (Aishwarya)  is professor  vasi's girl friend.  chitti knows all skills of defense , languages of world and he is very intelligent.. Vaseegaran prepares Chitti for an evaluation by the Artificial Intelligence Research and Development Institute (AIRD) ,which is headed by Dr. Bohra (vasi's professor) , he wanted to gift it to indian army ....Through following situations and incidents vasi understands that chitti need to understand human  psyche, behaviour and emotions, and succeeds in doing so by installing a new hormone simulation module into the robot. But problem comes through when chitti falls for sana and Bohra's thoughts to use chitti in bad ways.. finally a situation araises  when vasi destructs chitti and chitti being remade as destructor by Bohra , which makes chitti kill Bohra , kidnap sana and built up his own army which becomes a big danger to humans... finally it becomes a war between the creator and the creation .. finally things come under control after great affords by vasi .

In a final court hearing, the judge rules Capital punishment for Vaseegaran for the number of human tolls caused by the robot army. Chitti, explaining to the court that the law allows him to be treated as a valid evidence, explains that it was Dr. Bohra who caused Chitti's deviant behaviour. He shows the court, using his eyes as 3D projectors, the video footage of Dr. Bohra installing the red chip inside him. The court decides to drop all charges against Vaseegaran, while concluding that Chitti should be dismantled in order to avoid further mishaps of the same kind in future. The court also observes that a robot as advanced as Chitti is "unnecessary for contemporary human life".
Back at the lab, in the presence of government and police officials, an emotional Vaseegaran tells Chitti to dismantle itself. While taking off its parts one by one, Chitti apologizes to Sana and Vaseegaran for the problems it caused.
20 years later, in 2030, students in a science museum are escorted by a guide towards a showcase that has Chitti's body parts arranged. The guide tells the students that Chitti was the most advanced humanoid robot that was created twenty years ago and that it was dismantled due to "certain reasons". A curious girl  asks why, to which Chitti's head responds saying, "I started to think". As the guide says bye to Chitti and takes them to another exhibit, the surprised student keeps looking back at Chitti in surprise . 

Through out the movie we don't get bored even a single second ..  Rajini sir at his 60s does a perfect job acting duel role..Robo stands with a perfect theme that  what a will happen if robots start thinking!!!!! 

Thursday, October 14, 2010


I always think does others have a opposite side of life like me ???  now its always like that of  me being a confused girl from childhood..  It was like last year when my english sir (from school) called me and asked me to come to my school and to give lecture to all these new comers how to study and prepare time table , after his call i thought of my self "yaa it is great if any one ask you something like that   but , am i that great that i could give a lecture ??? no way i'm just in college and i'm not at all great then why , no i should not do this."  and thats it the very next moment i called one of my school friend and told that they want to see her in school.. now why did i do it , i just donno....

I was in fifth i guess i won first in a debate (how perfect our governing system is) conducted by our school .. At time awards were being given in annual day and i was in school helping team for our class drama . My parents came to see me take the prize from our district collector there and then there was announcement  of prize winners in debate !!! 3rd and 2nd were given off and then they announced my name , twice and thrice , i was in back stage my mind just thought 1 thing " sudhi you were really bad in that debate donno how they are giving it to you , don't go , don't go" thats it i went back and i pretended as if i was busy in arrangements and my school supervisor caught me she told my that every 1 are waiting for me and took me , there were these steps which connect the back stage and main stage , and my class  teacher and supervisor pushed me into main stage ,opff i took the prize and rushed into backstage hard luck i was again called back to take my photo .. (yuck!!)
Its 2002 likely when India was playing for world cup (cricket )  . We had it shown in our local district cabal and there were local advertisements of schools and colleges and my hard luck at that year i was in science fare  of our school and that video used to be showed in advertisement of our school and my clip used to stay for 7sec . Everday when i used to go to school some unknow used to come any say " hey i saw you on that advertisement ". and i used to think " hard luck , agrr why i'm in this school , i wish i was neverbeen shown " i used to search a better way to escape from it..
My first article "sharks the deep see kings "(against killing of sharks)  was published in our school's magazine (intellect) , it was one of the finest of that year (every one said so ) but i never published any other article thinking that i'm a bad writer ..
once my biology teacher in high school took my sketch book ( i was secretly sketching in between class) i got scared . but he saw all  my sketches and asked " hey have you found one interesting thing  in these? There is a girl in all these sketches once she is in deserts, once in forest , once she is sweeping  , once she is picking flower, feeding birds .. but in every action she is thinking something " lolzzz i still remember it..
yaa i know i think alot and my thoughts are only cause of my destruction (they always try to conquer me) ..
but still i can't dwell it..

                                                              one of my sketch from highschool

at this moment of life i know what i chose was wrong
i know what i wanted to do
i know i could have done miracles 
but why i did silly sacrifices for other 
a sacrifice which made me forget myself
there is still time but i have no strength to fight 
life is long and  i know i can do it someday, some time!!! 

My life is a big question mark for me 
but i know i'll understand about it oneday
all it takes is that i have to control my opposite side!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010


some times it is good 
and some times its bad
some times it is sweet 
and some times it is sour 
no wonder how many shapes it have it is never understandable
some times i see two people very together
bonded in love
the next time i see them separated
some times i feel love is constant 
but the very next moment i feel its not
why it is very complicated 
why it is not understandable
why it hurt 
yet makes good
why its burnt 
yet curable 
why its hard
yet soft
what ever it is i can never understand it!!! 

Friday, September 10, 2010


lollies are sweet , tasty , well made and creamy...we all have eaten  it when we are kids but do you know guys lollies  were invented in ancient greek all greek heroes used to eat them by applying honey and milk... but now they were modified as lollies  as they were invented by George Smith of New haven ...what a great creation that brings smile on all kids face!!! 
sweet baby with lollie...

first cream is prepared ...

then it is spread into a shape and cooled and then we have precious lollie!! 

we find them in different colours and kids go crazy for it!!! 

even cats like it!!!

when we find a cry baby we just give this to him to make him smile !! how great this thing is!!! even it is small and cheap it brings that thing which  is very hard to bring in kid's life..i.e happiness...

guys don't disturb me!!! im busy....