Thursday, September 9, 2010


love may be the beautiful feeling on the earth ...ANY creature can't survive with out it!!!!  its in mothers affection , frienship,humanity,departure know guys why we are called humans because we know to love... thats the reason we are given top priority among all the creatures!!!!!   

but we the humans are the only the only reason for change of definition in present world!!!now a days every one would merely think  that love is relationship between two lovers ....thats why some  mindless are changing its meaning!!!!

here in our state we got to see this very often that girl refusing her love and she being killed by him!!! its more common in our native ...when she says she don't love him the only answer she get from him through a acid or Axe or knife ..... thats the reason why girls are being married at the age of 16-18years there !!! 

its always difficult for them to move out of houses at night time or to go alone to college!!! why still women didn't get freedom ,still some fools like to play with their life!!! 

i just wanted to tell all those out there ...if you really love some one and if she refuses you then please don't kill her!!!! the great sacrifise of love is doing what your love like!!! 

and all those people who cheat there partners :- you people cannot be forgiven not in hundred worlds because you people broke one strong trust i.e trust of your lover!!!!! 

according to a survey it is said that around 40% working people (he/ she) cheat their partners!!!! 

my intension is not to scold  all these people but to convey them what humans are becoming!!!!! 
so guys lets save love and peace on earth!!!!!


ravali said...

well loving a person is the most wonderful thing in the world but getting rejected by him is more painful,so guys don't love!!!!

vijaya said...

hey sudhi it is very sensitive problem .Its happens any where in the world.I think Indian mothers are very sad of it.And try to inculcate good manners to children from their child hood

sudhi said...

@ravali: thanxs..

@vijaya : yaa u r right!!!!

delightfullness said...

I hate cheaters!

sudhi said...

i too hate cheater!!! btw thnx for ur comment.