Friday, November 5, 2010


I was in upper kindergarten one day i bought blind pond snakes and scorpions to put them in my aquariums.  when my parents saw that their first word was "do you want us to clean aquarium for you??"  that was a really strange gesture but they  were really the most different parents . My mom and dad believe that there are no wild animals , they always told us that no animal will disturb until you disturb them. At my dad's mines quary   bears and cheetahs move around  freely but never ever anything hurt him.
you know guys i got know more about this mute love when i first bought my doggy home, it was 19day puppy then . It was really hard to take care of a little puppy. At My house for every one it was quite new .Gradually i was the one who moved forward started learning pet care. I started feeding it , bathing it, holding it and ofcorse loving it, you know guys dogs are always like children they are like a little children. When i used connect my feelings with it it was wonderful . more or less i always connected with it , i mean i aways understood what it felt. Its love  towards me was always warm. 
the love that animals give you i'm damn sure its 101% pure. May be our loved ones leave us at our bad times but our pet never does it. Even in a big terrorist the animal brings out the human.
my dog is not the only pet i have . I used have a turtle named trigger which i rescued from an eagle. Trigger was the beautiful turtle ever born ,it was a sea turtle. The way it used to see me and the way it used to kiss my nose i still remember .  There were great memories with it. But i always used to feel that trigger was am-bended in that little tub  and thats when i thought of leaving it  in the sea. My mom was sad when i told her but my dad understood and one fine day we left it in sea.

It was not only trigger , i had senotoff (blackfish) , neni and nemo (gold fishes). I loved senotoff sad god didn't gift him long life. I tamed  Chickens ,  I tamed to cats ( black and weight) and tadpoles .... yaa tadpoles there were more than 20 of them .. sad i had to leave them because they likely became 20 frogs and they were independent.

I always get surprised when people hate frogs and lizards ofcores i touched frogs and lizards million times and even cockroaches and i'm still alive . I see my friends who jump seeing these things . Like my mom says every living thing has a right to live , i believe it and i love frogs and lizards so much. 

Animals are wonderful creatures humans can be bad , humans may lie, humans may act but not animals they are always true from there heart .
Animals are always true with there MUTE LOVE . In future i really love to tame apes , tigers and horses lol lets see....   


beanizer_05 said...

ooookaaaayyy..but not cockroaches please!!!!????

the only thing that makes us different from the animals is that we have the capacity to think (being rational beings)..animals act through instincts not with thinking..along with this capacity to think, we are having choices, that can be either--to be good or be bad..and that makes us supreme on all living things 'coz we are given that full responsibility to take care of them--like the way you do..

you surprised me again..didn't expect this..
anyway, my sis won't allow any dogs or any usual pets in our house, i suggest a tiger but she just stared at me..i wonder why..hmmmm

sudhi said...

lolzzz beany u'll get a pet one day don't worry!!!!

delightfullness said...

my pets love me because i love them so much...^_^

sudhi said...

thts sweet.