Friday, July 13, 2012

LIFE GOES ON.....!!!!

Hello Friends!!! Its been long time since I posted  isn't it??? Well I have been busy with  stuff ... 
Isn't it amazing looking ourselves now, Five years back   I have planned many things I would be doing  with my life by now did I accomplish even one by now , well the answer is "NO" !!  What ever  I thought 5 years back not even a single thing got fulfilled by now .
Moving on in the life I see many people and I think "Hey!!! this was the girl who used to be a big tomboy omg!! now  she is getting married :/ , this was the girl who don't even know how switch on the stove now she is mother of two!! "  I often think myself  this way seeing many of my friends and classmates who got married or committed in a relationship and who were completely different  person five years back..
Isn't it amazing friends only five years drastic changes can happen to any person. Five years back I used to be sporty  I loved cricket and basket ball alot , everyday after 5pm I used  play Halo game on my PC , I used hate cooking , cleaning and I was a bit of tomboy hahaha...!!  But now things have changed, I don't use computer any more (only laptop) , cooking is my new hobby and I don't even touch anything if its not clean. I wonder how I changed so much!! 

Everything is amazing! My dog who turned six makes me feel like he is a kid, my turtles are 6 months old now . I feel like yesterday I was babysitting my baby cousin and today he is three year old kid. 
"Seeing people change isn't what hurts ,what hurts is remembering who they used to be"
My best friend and I don't talk much as she no more think I'm her friend , the people whom I thought will never support me stood beside me and I started giving more value to human relationships . The people who used to hate me I made most of them as my friends , I think I developed more like a person than what I was five years back!!!

Well friends change is destiny , it is the best possible thing god has created for us as the say "Things don't change people change"  so enjoy every bit of change in you and some day or the other we will realize change in ourselves and simply smile   ..


Peace!...with 2 fingers ;) said...

Seems like alot has happened over the past 5 years for time surely changes everything.
Cool post.

Peace!....with 2 fingers;)

sudhi said...

Thanks!! :D

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