Thursday, May 17, 2012


Hello friends,
 Its been long time isn't it? Hope all are fine ! Well talking about this post "typical" in the sense is me my nature and my humour  ,  Every friend of mine think I'm bit crazy , may be I just love being different.
I'm a big prankstar , people around always pay victims for my pranks , yet I always play silly pranks not serious ones.
I remember when I was a kid once at school all the girls were likely standing outside the class (actually there was lizard on a  bench so all the girls ran out) when I saw that I found it so funny that I took that lizard in my hand and I started scaring all the students we all were kids may be we were in 3rd grade every one ran out like hell and my class incharge was shouting "sudheera where are you??? come and wash your hands!!!" ... I was always like that a big naughty kid of my class.
After going to college  I started carrying rubber lizards and snakes in bag to scare people ( lol )..
 So when  I'm not around people often text me or call saying that they are actually missing me , my pranks  I feel happy because when people miss us in our absence its a great feeling .

When I was a kid I bought water scorpions and blind snakes as pets and any father would definitely ask his kids to through them out but my dad used to clean that aquarium for me. So I think somewhere my nature comes from him.

I'm always my teachers favourite till date , I get surprised sometimes because my 2nd grade , 3rd grade teachers remember me and I don't remember them .  When I was in 1st grade I participated in science exhibition  guests who have come kissed me on my cheeks  even that chief guest pulled my cheeks and I asked my mom  why all were doing so and she told me that I was  so little thats why  they were doing so and I argued with her telling that I'm not little , even today she tells me about it .

Often people ask me why do I cry like a baby , when ever I feel sad I would like to end it the very next moment so I cry and I feel better the rest whole day.....

My mom always keep telling me that I'm childish and I need to think and act like a adult but the child in me never dies I don't know why.

As long as I'm living I pray and hope all the people who are around me, whom I like should be happy . I would say that is a caring side of me :D ........

Many of my friends often tell me not touch lizards, snakes, frogs , rats , street cats or dogs , cows etc I never listen to them but one girl (I will not mention her name) she said that "sudhi stop touching weird animals or else no man ever will marry you" and I looked at her and said " you better consult a psychologist " . Just because I will get much attention changing my nature is seriously a wrong thing that's what I feel .

My advise to everyone is never change your nature for others because people who don't like your nature even don't deserve you!!!!! 

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✿Sie✿ said...

we are alike I am child like real life I have a child like voice and also laugh and giggle like my kids hehehe..I am also a crying baby and I get emotional most specially on family related teachers and classmates also remember me Sudhi..thank you for sharing a bit of yourself..visiting you *hugs* ;)