Wednesday, January 11, 2012

~Special people~

Some times I work till late nights but there is one special person who wakes up along with me and tap on the door  for every 5minutes to know if I'm alright and ask me to sleep. Its none other than my dad !

Whatever I'm today is all because of him. I know his everyday goes very busy with work , he don't have enough time to eat and sleep but he always have time for us. At the end of my day all the inspiration I get is only from him. 

When ever I come home there is one person who always love to bully me , he is non other than my bully brother. We are best enemies from childhood (lol) . We never get along together , we always fight but I know at some moment of life we take it as our best memories . Every day he just love to tease and crack jokes on me but I know that how concerned he is about me from childhood, My bro used to have a gang of friends in his school , all used to call him gangleader back then. If any one tease me he would just kick them up along with his gang , mainly because of that many were scared to mess up with me at school , his famous dialogue was if you mess with  my sis , you will mess with me.  

My little doggie who is always around me , I just cant say how much I love him, when ever I'm sad his silly acts  always make me smile , more than 5years he is with us but he is still my baby. At end of the day he always make me feel special for having him.

So Friends , 
Life is all about special people in it, who make it wonderful . As along as we have people are around us no matter what may come we can tackle it. Just know it love it and live it.


beanizer_05 said...

you puddy tat gets along with a doggy?..

i'm vewy brave, i'm not afraid of your bro! hmp! *tongue out*

♥Sie♥ said...

Your post is so sweet Sudhi..I am matter how tough our lives may seem and no matter how tired we are as long as we know we have special persons all around can be full of happiness..everything will turn out to be an inspiration to move on with our lives..passing Sudhi..*hugs hugs* ;)

sudhi said...

@Beany: Fattypot you should lick a lollie , you are good in it :P

@Ms.Sie: Thanks Ms.sie , I'm smiling too after reading your comment :) *hugs*..........!!!!

Sagittarian said...

Great post, love reading it:) Very inspiring, it's true, life is all about special people, :)Sharing time with them is incomparable, a gift and real blessings! :)

Matt Rose said...

Special people are what make life worth living. Great post.

Karan said...

My first drop-in . Very well written and shared !!

M. Reka said...

Very inspiring and interesting read!

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