Saturday, September 3, 2016

Why we live in a f**ked up society…..

I don’t hate my country but being honest as much as I love India I still don’t ignore the fact that sometimes things are messed up here…😏

When it comes to India it’s like everyone is monarch of their own land. Young people have different ideologies than middle aged and middle aged have different ideologies than old people. Everything is messy , proving everything is an argument.

People easily get offended. I rarely see people who are older than me take humour as easily as I do . We are always restricted to do things what we like to do. Often free spirited people are considered as runt in the community.

Sometimes it gets into my nerves like can’t every person live normally instead of using half knowledge and confirming someone’s personality.

Things like someone’s perfect than you just because they are submessive you are an idiot only because you speak up for yourself.

Its ok for certain part of life but when you are 22 , ain’t doing anything antisocial still people say you should take random shit from people and never speak up for yourself because that’s against Indian tradition it’s complete shit … The most idiotic thing about most of the elder generation of India is according to them you should never speak up for yourself because that would make you look like a rebellious person…

Even speaking right in discussions I have been stopped many times because according to many people girls should never look smart …

Every person is unsatisfied by your looks and everyone is constantly stalking you on every stupid social media… I love being with people but I realised one thing growing up personal space is only thing that would give you the relief that you need. If someone ask about the best part of my life it’s definitely the part where I spent in a single room while getting graduation.

Somewhere or the other these stupid obsessions of society are never letting the country grow … It’s hard to expect anything when we have neighbours like cctv cemeras who are constantly after you for their mere joy of gossips , close people acting worst than stalkers on social media and most worst thing people interfering in personal space everywhere…

More over no matter whose fault it is the younger people should always appolazise because of this stupid f**ked up society.

People who play victim card are considered true , people who are two faced always escape , people who lie are always happy… where are the true ethics of the society….

In conclusion if you are free spirited, humorous and you have active social life you are considered as f**ked up person here…

There was a time tried to make people happy but I wasn’t happy the whole time… So even if you are becoming bad or every person thinks you are disgrace until you are not doing anything antisocial just live for your damn life… Trying to make society happy is shit because no matter how many buckets of pure water you pour into an ocean it’ll still be of salt water… 😫

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✿Sie✿ said...

same here Sudhi 😊 I feel the same way. I guess we can't please everyone and yeah we were not born to be always taking sides of persons who are against our own principles. Oftentimes we need to stand up for what we believe in. Go go girl 😉