Monday, June 29, 2015


I have recently seen a video online and a thought just popped into my mind that how would it be if I write a letter to future me? So here it goes,

Sudhi when you are reading this post you will be 10years older than now. I hope you are as cool as now , I hope trekking, pottery and painting became your regular hobbies , I hope mom dad are fine and are living with you,  I hope you found your true love, I hope you are married and has opened your own therapy center. As you are 31 now its best time for you to have kids just like you planned. No matter how many people are hating you around I hope you are still growing strong. I hope you became independent and are earning enough without the support of your husband. I hope my lovely brother is living independent financially,  I hope sister is settled too, I hope you finally got a pitbull as a graduation gift and are reading this post petting him.

Are you getting your free time ?

I hope you are rich enough to hire a maid ( I know how much you hate doing house work)

Are you finally living in a house with big lawn ?

Have you visited any forgein country?

How many nieces and nephews do you have ? Are you being a good aunt?

Are those people who irritate you the most still around you?

Does you , Chandu, manu hangout like old times?

Sudhi I want you to know that if you are struck with a wrong person in a suffocating situation feel free to leave him. If you are not enjoying your life in city there is always plan B. Don't let any stupid person change you.

I hope you love yourself as much as you do now.

I hope you still sometimes open Facebook to see your old pics.

I hope you are fit like now.

I hope you are still writing stories.                               

                                             With so much love,

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