Thursday, December 18, 2014


Hello friends ,
   Umm..!! I guess I'm posting after a decade isn't it?? I wonder if I have any readers left lol.. Medical school is defiantly a tough business. 

Recently it was when tired me doozing off on my study table telling my inner self to be careful not to fall on my pen hanger the sight of my green color pencil bleeps me and strangely the first incidence that striked my head was my great grandma's Saree (she literally had all green saree's ) I remember how she used to teach me hard poems in Telugu and smiled when ever I recited them correct , I remember her extra wrinkled skin , I remember how independent and dynamic she was even at that age , she was the only woman in her  village who could recite the entire Bagwath Geeta in Sanskrit and only one of that kind I know. When ever I remember her I remember my grandfather her son who was the ultimately talented and kind person I ever known if he wanted he could have become filty rich but all he chose was to help people , I remember how he died so early, I remember making that decision never to attend any funerals after attending his , I even remember his last words with me he wanted me to become a doc which I'm fulfilling ...

It's like a chain reaction when ever I think about my grandpa I think about my super cool Dad . My relation with my dad is unusual because mostly in India fathers run military schools for their daughters with hell of rules and regulations and mine didn't pose even one on me , I'm proud that I still sit on my dad's lap even pull his cheeks , scare him all the time , we crack jokes together and it was my dad who taught me cooking , we cook together , we go shopping together and till date he never restricted me on anything not even when I wear any short dress not even on any matter regarding love its like he trusts me somehow. My friends who see us together often ask me the reason for the extra added spice in our relationship but truth is its him who always treasured the relationship like that.

Talking about restrictions sometimes its hard to digest but its true that even in this 21st century there are women who feel  gals who work won't make a good wife , women who dream of becoming nothing but housewives , young educated women who know nothing about what is happening around the world apart from makeup and I'm living in sucha dumb ass place where we don't have freedom no matter how I hate it I  have to stay because of my education. 

I remember that kid who used to jump walls to run away from dance class , I remember that sporty little gal who loved basketball and cricket not to forget she was a die hard gamer I even remember playing halo online creating a fake profile as a boy . I remember that intelligent gal who read books beyond her age or that animal freak who wanted a pet Chinese garden lizard or a Bengal tiger.

Some times I feel like it's all wasted. I was unique but I ended up in a place similar to BC era with no thoughts of inventions and inovations .Even if this was good there is no guarantee that I would end up in a much better place in upcoming future umm.. Marriage? I hardly think so , someday or the other I will end up like any other gal which I least want. I don't think I'm useful when I loose the fire inside me completely. People often say I would be a terrible mother who would care her pet animals more than her kids on contrary I'm the favorite of all my nieces and nephews its because I let them do whatever they want , which is wrong and yes I would be a terrible mother but still I love kids and 
animals a lot I never understand the logic how many gals even get scared of puppies and over react ..

I do feel like shouting at those dumb people around me that " gals if you call it feminine its not feminine its bizarre why do you try so hard for those who are ignoring you and how dare you call me a boy only because i don't put on any makeup and nail polish , why do you stare at me? these are just shorts I'm not walking nude , yes I don't feel shy eating in front of boys so what? , yes I never go to temples but do you people at least know even a single bit written in geeta , Ramayana or Mahabharata? I know because I read them way back , yes I'm thin at least I'm not dieting , why do you contradict me you bitches when you are not perfect in any angle  atleast I love myself" though how much I feel like saying this I can't I wish I could tell them that looking posh or doing posh stuff won't help them in future if they don't have self courage they would ultimately end up looking like old mamas without Any respect..

I remember my adventurous life till 12th after that everything changed , priorities changed . 20 is not a cool number sadly. yes it irritates me when I'm restricted on doing something but it is sometimes healthy to make others happy. I never thought I would be tamed so well :-)  .

I remember going into a slum once and getting awestruck by the beautiful smell of the food from each house ( it was lunch time). we earn money for prestige, good future , blah blah blah but they earn money just to fill their tummies interesting isn't it??!!

Bagwath geeta say's a person shouldn't be attached to anything not even to his own body may be that's why I'm not attached to anything.

The thing that keeps me alive through all these fuss is my profession , being a doctor is like an adventure each and every single day , the feeling of seeing life coming in to existence , the feeling of holding a newly born child , the feeling while seeing a person leave his last breath are surely inexpressible. I sometimes feel I made a right decision taking this profession as my enthusiasm would never have grown in any other profession and I couldn't thank my wonderful grandpa for thinking so beyond about me way back... :-) 



Jolly Princess said...

Happy New Year! :)

Jolly Princess said...

Happy New Year! :)

sudhi said...

Thank you and same to you Ms.Jolly :D