Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Toy story

Last night I was seeing toy story 3 ,it reminded me about all those barbie dolls i used to have . I used to have a serious  barbie phobia when i was kid. I used to have likely 20 barbie dolls with a barbie house set , barbie car , barbie bicycle , 30 dresses and accessories .  

I still remember the incident when i got my first barbie it was a Christmas eve, we are Hindus so  no Christmas for us but on that day my dad bought gifts for us kept them in our room and morning  when i woke up ..... Presents wrapped in pink cover . When i unwrapped my present ahh .... I got  My first barbie . LOl as i was a kid at that time i thought Santa clause bought me those .

But when i was in 7th , i used to play more pc games & left playing with dolls. my last but third youngest cousin took who  was  found of barbies  took them and till date she is taking care of them . I wish i had taken a picture of them .

We grow up soon, we never realize that , but every time i see kids playing with toys i find it beautiful.  


beanizer_05 said...

you don't have a phobia on barbies..you are a barbie fanatic.

hmmmm..i wonder why my mom didn't buy me barbie..yeah, i know! maybe she's afraid i'll get a gf when i was a baby.

cLai ♥ said...

i have my only barbie
without the head and an arm (my fault)
my poor barbie...T_T

Jolly Princess said...

Barbie is the only toy my younger niece had played with. But my guess is. It is not the doll itself she likes but more on Barbie accessories. Like the house, car etc.

Sie said...

I have a barbie to before Sudhi and I always enjoy dressing her up..I had lots of toys but the sad part is since I was an only child I always play alone because my mom does not want me to play with anyone else..true I didn't enjoy my childhood..hmp..

*hugs hmmmmmmmmmmm..*

Sie said...

kindly go to my site Sudhi and collect your awards :)