Thursday, June 23, 2011


Sometimes I find world more beautiful than it really is
Sometimes I see strangers helping each other like group of ants .
Sometimes I see kids acting more mature than their age.
Sometimes happiness gather like bundle of colorful lights.
Sometimes even a strangers make us feel like their own .

Isn't  it the world is more crazy than we think???
or is it the way i see it.            

Sometimes we  find people who change our lives with mere coincidence                                         
Sometimes sacrifices for our beloved gives happiness
Sometimes silly mistakes make us smile 
sometimes even darkness won't scare us

Isn't wonderful no matter what happen life always shows us directions
Isn't it amazing that without  realizing we become something
No one ever teaches us how to live&love but we learn them in our own style,surprising!!!!

In this crazy world I'm a crazy wanderer
wandering for love ,life and freedom



ravali said...

Really amazing post dear i liked it!

sudhi said...


Anonymous said...

ur post made me think....:P good one....

sudhi said...

lol thank bells

Sie said...

lots of nice inner thoughts there this world we have no specific answers to our questions.We are just travelers and each of us has our own journeys to take.We don't know and can't dictate what will happen next.But the best thing is we have our own choice and freedom to move on to every stages in our lives.mwahhhhhhhhh :)

sudhi said...

wow thanks Ms.Sie !!!!

Nandita said...

Superb post..! i think lyk ds smtyms... bt dn drop all dt thots.. i dnt knw hw to xpress ur post is relle amazng.! loved it.. :)