Friday, December 31, 2010


Hi friends ,
      Wish you all a prosperous new year . Sorry guys you people might be thinking why is this girl not replying form longtime but my only answer is I have been very busy lately . Due to this cold winter god!!! my health went bad many times. blah blah.....I should talk this stuff ,no forgiveness for betrayal i know it.
  Atlast  I have entered the most scariest, toughest and coolest year of my life  about which i dreamt a lot. But now that I'm in it wish me luck folks!!! 

            May this year bring you all happiness and make the world know your virtue . 
May you and your family blessed with utmost happiness ,
may you all be in pink in health,
may cherry blossoms raise in your life!!!!
  1. Ms.sie (always keep on smiling , remember happiness always stays with good people but the only thing is that never loose hope , never forget that i'll always be there for you Ate sie.)
  2. Suraj (take your studies little serious and don't be over confident Mr. future Steve Jobs :D)
  3. Beany (always be this cutie pie who stays in his neverland , never come out from it fatty pot)
  4. Nanz( Always be like this sweet and perfect)
  5. Ms.jolly (always be this caring and funny lady that you are , i will never leave reading your blog !! )
  6. Bella (Never stop searching for your Edward bells).
  7. Delightfulness ( please publish your love stories future writer)
Soon there will be a departure ,I'll tell you people about it in some fine day but not today and thanks for the friendship I mean i never had such life after coming to college but gladfully  in 2010 I have met some wonderful people around the globe!!!! 

(beany this  is for u for being chweetest, cutest and fattest )

(Ms.sie this is for you a hope to move on)

( Always dare in difficult paths of your life suraj)
(Nanz and Delightfulness never stop reading and writing stories)
(My favorite Ferrero Rocher chocolates for Ms.Jolly and Bella for being too sweet)
 Last but not last ,
Happy new year guys!!!! 


Suraj Vibhute said...

Thank you very much Sudhi!! Happy new year to you and your family.

sudhi said...

same to u!!!

Nandita said...

Sooo sweet of u sudhi...! thnk u so mch..!!
Wish u all da happines n luck in ur lyf.....

sudhi said...

@nanz : same to u!!!!

Simple Sie said...

hello Sudhi...thank you so much my dear...thank you for being my friend it is always an oppurtunity for me to be included as one of your friends.

Tequila? oh no I don't drink but I sure do need it to give a little kick to my life hehehe...Yup I am moving on and 3 months I will be free hehehe...*wink* Love you Sudhi mwwwaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh....

sudhi said...

lol u r welcome Ms.sie and tc of ur health!!!

Jolly Princess said...

@sudhi - HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Wishing YOU and YOUR LOVED ONES, ALL the BEST this 2011!

Thanks for the box of chocolates! ♥

delightfullness said...

@sudhi - happy new year!!!!

I know your a wonderful person
so never stop dreaming and believing in yourself....
have faith in everything...
and all good things will follow thru..

thank you for the friendship..
i hope we see each other some day ^_^

beanizer_05 said...

*licking jumbo lollie*

thanks for this lollie! *staring at the chocos* can i have some of those ferreros??, Mommy JP can't take them all..
and hey! i'm not fat!
i'm the cutest and chweetest!
Ms. Sie don't drink! I'll take them too..

Anonymous said...

hahahaha.....I will never stop searching for him untill he comes in my life and promises to stay-every day of forever!!!! :*

wow!!! chocolates!!!!! yeyyy.....thanks sweetie :D

{and please follow my advice! you know what I mean!}